Our Cause

Working to promote STEM education at various levels of schooling

OurCauseBy riding in, sponsoring or otherwise supporting AFCEA San Diego’s Cycle for STEM event, you make a real difference not only for students, but for everyone’s future. STEM advances are critical to medicine, technology, critical infrastructure—basically every facet of life!

And when you participate in Cycle for STEM, you make almost a dollar-for-dollar direct donation right to scholarships. This low overhead event is staffed completely by volunteers who all believe in the power of STEM education. It’s grassroots change at its finest, changing the world one dedicated individual at a time. Plus, it’s a green event (yay bikes!) that promotes fitness. It’s three causes for the price of one!

Oh, and Cycle for STEM is fun. Really fun. You can’t have more fun changing the future, not even with a time machine. Come out and ride with us. You’ll get an event swag, meet like-minded people, enjoy a beautiful ride, fund scholarships and go to a party at the end. Registration opens soon and our team can’t wait to have you join. We’re all volunteers planning our inaugural events so details are fluid, but we’ll post more of them shortly, as soon as we have them.

So, are you ready to take a ride with AFCEA?

Come meet like-minded people, enjoy a beautiful ride and help fund scholarships. Oh, did we mention the party at the end? Join us.